Imagine physically working on the Hague, fighting on behalf of international person constitutional rights or defending immigrants facing deportation. The domain of international law is at this time more essential than constantly with globalization, trade agreements, and person constitutional rights policies moving the lives of millions of frequent around the globe. Take a look on the top law schools on behalf of international law in the USA. They grasp been chosen based on their academic reputation, duty to the domain of international law, delve into centers and institutes, study abroad opportunities and barter agreements with international law faculties.

University of Virginia

“Virginia is justly famous on behalf of its collegial atmosphere to facilitate bonds students and faculty”

Location:Charlottesville, Virginia

Study Abroad Opportunities :

Tuition/Year: $35,700

Yale University

“Yale Law School is individual of the world’s leading law schools.”

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Study Abroad Opportunities :

Fellowship on the American University in Cairo

Fellowships in International Human Rights

International Court of Justice on the Hague Internship/Clerkship

Tuition/Year: $40,900

University of Texas

“Students on UT Law benefit from the finest of many worlds, and they emerge with a spectacular education.”

Location: Austin, Texas

Study Abroad Opportunities :

Semester in London on the University of London

JD/LLM linkage curriculum with the University of Nottingham and the University of Edinburgh.

Tuition/Year: $31,648

University of Michigan

“A diverse body of talented students whose supportive spirit helps bring off the finest in faculty and undergraduate alike.”

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Study Abroad Opportunities :

Students can create their own semester study abroad arrangements, agreed by the Law School, and in new years grasp prepared so with the University of Copenhagen, ITAM in Mexico City, the University of Hong Kong, and ICADE, Comillas, in Madrid, Spain.

Tuition/Year: $38,502

Duke University

“A unity of students and scholars located in the nucleus of individual of the country’s best delve into universities.”

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Study Abroad Opportunities :

Duke Law offers two international summer institutes:

Tuition/Year: $38,739